Are You Tired of Spending Hundreds of Dollars on Useless Campaigns?

If you are looking for immediate listing of your company website in major search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo than search engine marketing is the choice for you.

Search engine marketing is an umbrella term that encompasses both organic and paid advertising. The techniques used in search engines marketing or paid ­search range from a fixed fee for an ad to pay per click or impression advertisements.

Research has shown that time spent on websites ranges from 1 to 10 seconds depending on the reaction of the user. This means that the bounce rate is very high. High bounce rate means that visitors are exiting your sales/landing page before exploring your website. This may be due to different reasons like:

  • Targeting the wrong audience through unrelated keywords.
  • A bad performing landing page
  • Bad conversion optimization and/or no split testing
  • Unorganized layout or slow page speed.

Get measurable results for an improved online presence today

We understand that when your company uses search engine marketing you have a set budget. That is why our trained group of experts is knowledgeable in all the techniques that different search engines use ensuring you get the highest possible return on investment for your niche market. Be it a real-estate sale, car deal, or a simple appointment reservation.

At ARCKAY Marketing we don’t just suggest techniques and strategies to increase your presence in major search engines. First we have our team of professional experts review your website thoroughly, then based on our results and outcomes of our analysis we create a customized SEM plan exclusively for your business website. This gives you assurance that our methods will comply and adhere to all search engine rules and regulation. Insuring that your company website will generate traffic, leads, and sales.