A mini-site is a niche website that is built to focus on a certain services, products or keywords that your business offers. They can be seen as a great tool that can help generate rankings through search engines capturing the right clientele and driving them to your main website. Mini-sites range from 1 to 5 pages in length.

We will provide you with a responsive web-site design that is unique and branded to match your business or company brand, a choice of custom-made web development (CMS) content management system or one of the popular open-source available like (WordPress, Drupal, or Joomla), as well as the content for all pages as necessary.

They offer your company a marketing edge by helping the main website create and generate more traffic, clicks, and leads. Mini-sites not only drive traffic to your home website, but can also be a source of income in themselves by placing offers, advertisements, and affiliate links on them. They are also seen as a great source in creating backlinks referring to your main website.

At ARCKAY Marketing our team will work on choosing the right domain names for your mini-sites as well as targeting the right keywords and placing them in an efficient and effective place through the content of your websites insuring that you content is genuine and rich.

Build your own network of high-quality lead generating sites and rank your business higher in Google.

Personal and small business website design & development packages starts from $195

Very fast turn-around time, get online in less than 7 business days.

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