If you are a company with a physical location and online presence you should be interested in running a local SEO marketing campaign. Local SEO is different than regular SEO in which although both of them use the same techniques Local SEO focuses more on targeting potential clients in the local vicinity of your businesses physical location. When people are searching for anything online search engines will often personalize results based on location.

This can be a very useful tool to your business. For example if someone writes restaurants in Maryland (MD) and you have optimized your placement in search engines, claiming your google business profile and used Local Search Marketing (Local SEO), your company can be one of the first results to show up. With local Seo you can make your business more visible improving your local ranking which will boost traffic and profits.

Local SEO allows you to promote your business to people in the area through search engines, business directories, and maps like Google, Bing, Yahoo, yellow pages and yelp.

Local SEO gives your business an edge not only by promoting your website, but also your actual physical business. The people searching and finding your local listing, may become potential clients and drop by your physical address not just your website.

With local SEO you need to make sure that your businesses contact information like address, phone number, and name (citation) are consistently listed the same all through your website and on any listing of your business to insure that search engines can identify and show your location correctly.

To get your company started and known locally we offer on-page and off-page Local SEO packages and campaigns, as well as an analysis of your local presence to determine the steps that need to be taken in order for your business to flourish locally.

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