Fancy Report Builder

An online based repot builder that comes with tens of customizable templates to suit your needs. Use this tool to provide your clients with personalized dynamic reports that you can email or share with others online. With this report builder tool you not only control the privacy of your reports/documents, but have the option of accessing and sending reports for anywhere.

The Importance Of Data Presentation:

Don’t overlook the importance of data while your consumer then changes right before your eyes. Consider our fancy report builder.

Collecting data on the health of your marketing and the strength of your website is simple. You finally have access to the software and a few specialists to help you implement it. The data-driven society we live in forces us to consider how technology moves. The information we’re now able to gather on the consumer brings us to a competitive level like never seen before.

You have to access that information however, how about living documents! Present your reports and dashboards in real-time, providing layers of smart-objects and remote data services and data-bases access, your tabular record-sets are always up-to-date.

The world is now competing for access to information even-though the Web is full of content and information products. The analytical tools of online marketing is where we make the major breakthroughs. Following data is a more effective process than searching for it through a search engine. This is why we have a simple solution for your industry’s reporting.

The industry you’re in and the business you operate need a special approach and our fancy report builder can help.

Customizable Templates

This reporting software collects data based on your customizable inputs.

No business is exactly alike even if they’re in the same industry. You need a reporting process that tailors to who you are and what you can provide to your consumer. Let’s take a quick look at some of the data points we can collect and automate in a scheduled reporting sequence:

– Product Feedback:

All businesses strive to make a big mark in their industries. This is done with offering a powerful solution for the problems that your consumer is likely facing. Getting feedback on your product goes beyond monitoring sales. Online marketing works at many levels and psychological barriers. You could market your product in a way where you might now be reaching your leads.

Making a product change in this case could destroy what’s actually a great product. The reporting system you now have gives you a larger overview of what’s going on with your product campaign.

– Consumer Behavior:

Consumer behavior can be tracked by a number of indicators. Tracking your consumer today is best done with pixels, and this allows us to target them with content, ads or updates. Other tracking features include the time they spend on your web platforms, where they are within your sales funnel, how “hot or cold” they are; where they live and other interests they have based on a search profile.

This information is priceless if you want to understand your leads at a level that provides professional results. Professional reporting is how you manage the data on your consumer and how you present it in an easy to interpret way. You’ll find consumer information to be endless and ongoing, so you have to maintain your marketing edge, and reporting is how.

– Improved Targeting Features:

Our final objective for providing precise reporting is targeting. There’s someone online right now looking for a solution to a specific problem. One of the most powerful processes for effective marketers occurs through their ability to find leads and then shift through those prospects to find even more likely buyers. This is what reporting does and how it can help you reach the ideal person in mind.

The process is secure and allows you to maintain your reports while no one else has access to your files. Your competitive stance is important, and the data you collect is becoming more competitive than the data you find through a Web search. Improve by better understanding you consumer, and follow every major trend they create by modeling it into readable or scalable data.

Why Arckay

Data accuracy and presentation of real-time records sets and documents is an important piece to any business. Our Fancy Report Builder will provide your business with an edge. We care about your reputation, we will help you add value to your business with both short-term and long-term recommendations for growth.

Our Report Builder tool will comb through your business knowledge base, providing you with detailed insight on factors that relate to your customization goals with both online and off-line exports. Our online simple software provides you with highly customization reports, dashboards, document management system as well as instructions on what you can do to move forward. So what are you waiting for? Make the right choice for your business and contact us for a more details today.